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Originally Posted by Higby View Post
Our priority invitees are those of you who are PlanetSide vets, and those who have priority beta keys (i.e. keys from the PC Gamer magazines), as well as those who received keys from members of the dev teams or at E3. Just so I'm 100% clear, we're not going to be opening the floodgates by inviting all of the thousands of PlanetSide veterans on day 1, but you are still the highest priority to get invites as we expand the testing circle out.

4 - PlanetSide vets do not need a beta key, their accounts will be flagged for beta and they will receive an email letting them know – if you are a PlanetSide veteran, make sure your station account email is up to date.
I'm certain we'll have no trouble jumping through whatever hoops you have set up for us, if it helps polish and refine every component of the game until they fit together as neatly as stones in a *****-rock wall.

We've waited for almost a decade. We've borne the limitations of old graphics and archaic netcode. Seeing a brand-new technicolor Auraxis was something we've all hoped for, but never expected. We can wait a little longer and bear any burden. They will be light on our shoulders.

Thank you for keeping faith with us. Thank you, a thousand times.
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