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Originally Posted by Boomhowser View Post
Heres the real point if you claim to love shooting people then why are you ghost hacking that remote facility that ive layed spits at to delay and slow players opting to ghosthack?
Originally Posted by theknits View Post
That's just it even the most brilliantly placed turret isn't going to really outwit anyone. Sure it may kill a few people here and there but that's more in part to their blunders rather than anything special or tricky about where the turret is. Now I am aware that not everything is about killing people. The turret also slows down an enemy push. I'm just saying it doesn't slow them down for the right reasons.

It's not much of a ghosthack if your present to defend it and if you mean you have just left the turrets by themselves odds are they wont be slowing down anyone for more than a moment.
The point here, I think, is that in PS1 people would lay mines and spits not to kill, but to warn. We had very large battles that went across large amounts of land. Lattice links to bases that provided benefits that you didn't really want to babysit while the battle went on at another base. So you setup CE around the important locations to warn you when it was being hit. That would allow you time to notify your empire that they needed to defend a key asset.
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