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This is how mines should be done.

It takes 30 seconds to stand there still and place one down.

You can only carry one at a time, so you have to go back to AMS to pick another one up. So at this rate it would take about an hour to put down 60.

Mines last ~6 hours.

No limits to how many you can place.

Mines blow up to EMP grenade/rockets just like PS1, and friendly EMP destroys them too.

Same deployment distance limitations as PS1.

No vehicles with giant EMP explosions, and no EMP OS.

They kill friendlies too, and show up on friendly map as mines/mine field.

If logistics were actually simulated you wouldn't need the high 30 second deploy time, and "only carry one" thing. The limitation would come from the supply chain.

The purpose of a minefield is area denial without requiring a full contingent of soldiers to guard an area, just like in real life.

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