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I could get Hamma to join my outfit. Once i have more money. 8) Its a cool design. Dont worry. Im not expecting to just pop in and have it kick ass. Its need to be developed because its dependent on heavy strategy. But it i can get it to work will be absolutely awesome no matter how you look at it. Its actually 3 outfits each should be really good on htere own even though one of htem isnt even battle oriented.

And they should be damn fun either way you look at it. Or atleast for the type of poeple who would even consider joining it. Trust me.

The nodding head tells you so... You are getting are under my power you think you are a walibee You shall now join the vanu at the end of this sentence you shall wake up and only feel a disire to be vanu you shall now smile and nod, smile and nod.

and to be unhipnotised highlight all the nodding smilies and watch for 10 seconds. 8p

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