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Originally Posted by PorkFryer
vanu had that winnin streak of like a month or 2 on werner and still win just as often or more than nc! nc weapons r shit the jackhammer is only gd indoors and even then the lasher owns it! then the vanu medium assult gun often owns ncs! the lancer is alot better than the nc pheonix! plus r maxes r better and r armour looks cute
I don't know how you came to this conclusion, but your equipment is not to fault.
I won't go on about how much better the Jackhammer is better then the lasher, and that the Phoenix is far superior to the lancer, though your right our maxes are probably the best thing since the jumping kinda helps avoid the decimators.

But the reason Vanu are good, is that either they got more people on the server just before the day is done so that they win, or as I've seen on Werner, a significately smaller number of Vanu's hold off a more numerical superior combined attack from both NC's and TR's.
Yes I agree that i bet most VS in the past had fled to join the side they couldn't beat, but those that stayed behind are skilled (IMO).
To play VS is to be prepared to die alot of times, n00bies find it hard at first but only the ones who likes a challenges stick with Vanu!

I love you, You love me, Lets go kill those dammn NC's With their jackhammer shotguns, And their Phoenix Missiles too, and make them wish they were barney's too.
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