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Rbster, NONE of things you mentioned can be claimed to be dead-last in their category. Is it 'weak' by your definition unless it's the best in the game?

Gauss is already best outdoors
This is gonna be it's new killspeed indoors on ReExo. (Massive advantage)

Phoenix, no ****ing way. Second best indoor Max killer, Best outdoor Max killer. And you call it WEAK.

Falcon, overall worse than Comet. Much better than Dual Cycler.
Compared to a Comet, it's more accurate, shots travel faster, and has 100% more clipsize. It's not THAT bad at all.
Sparrow does identical AV damage per hit, and the ScatterCannon can take down 3 generators. ScatterCannon practically a better AV max than Comet.

Gauss, Your just not using it right
Phoenix, your lying
Falcon, It does it's job, just marginally less effective than the best
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