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Sup guys,

Just wanted to share this project of mine that I have been putting together recently called Planetside Idea Lab, which you can find here. It's a site not just about posting ideas but illustrating (even animating) every last one of them.

It is still very fresh out of the box but is slowly growing. This week, January's poll results are in and February's survey put up. More concept art for the "Wishful Patch Notes" section is being developed and the first cutaway image is progressing through the design phase. Also, each Empire's headline page has been updated with some of today's ammo revelations.

You'll probably recognize some of the ideas as ones that we have been begging for from the start of the game. This is more of a community-ideas site than just about my own concepts, so I hope you enjoy browsing through all the possibilities of what the game could be.

p.s. A thanks to Hamma for linking to my site.
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