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Re: The most broken things from PlanetSide1

Originally Posted by Traak View Post
I would like to see them eliminate all tracking of kills whatsoever.

Making solipsistic killwhoring a nonexistent issue would encourage teamwork. If the majority of players weren't solipsistic killwhores. In which case they will go play some other game that glorifies killwhoring, and avoid Planetside.

I mean, let's face it, if people were teamwork-oriented, goal-driven, self-sacrificing types, they would be in the military or somewhere in the real world that rewards that. It isn't like PS players are like the zenith of human evolution or anything, so I guess in order to make money, you have to appeal to the killwhores.
Originally Posted by Effective View Post
Removing stats from a video game is dumb and would not prevent "killwhoring". People like to see how well they're doing in terms of kills/deaths and other statistics.

I agree with Effect.

You do know that they did technically remove stat tracking in PS1 right? You know how the website no longer keeps track of your kills and Planetsidestats isn't up anymore? Yeah, and people still ToD and camp the spawn tubes. That's just some people's niche. It's fun to get kills.

Also, removing stats in an FPS? Okay, get out.

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