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Re: The most broken things from PlanetSide1

Originally Posted by Effective View Post
I know cheaters exist (I've recorded several of them), but I don't believe there's as many cheaters out there as folks like traak seem to think there are. They seem to call anything that has a shadow a cheater, and it's always annoying to see claims and no proof.

Also, it's always fun to see someone go "I've played for x amount of years, I know cheaters when I see them"
Yea I see some, like blatant speed hacks and guys gibbing everything, teleporting, recorded afew myself. But there's chronic bads like M0AB, inspector, popgun and tsunami(something) who send a hate tell to everything that straifs accusing them of hacking, never had one from traak, but i guess hes one of them.

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