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Re: The most broken things from PlanetSide1

I've never hacked the game but have also gotten hate tells before.

Here's one accusation made against me but I swear I didn't hack:
So I went to resecure Bitol on Hossin on my TR character. There weren't too many TR there and there were a few VS far as I could see. I did see one VS max but there was another one. Anyways, I dropped out of my mosq at BD and rushed to tubes to repair. As I'm repairing the last tube a VS max shows up and kills me. He then promptly killed the tubes again. I hadn't seen many TR around either mind you even though the pop was like 75% TR to 25% VS. TR had the tower at the base but the tubes were down there. I spawned at Mulac to get an AMS and brought it over to the BD at Bitol. I rushed in the BD then took the back way, away from the tubes, towards the CC. I was using surge just as I entered the room right before the CC. I didn't see anyone so I rushed to the CC and hacked the door. No one in CC. I hacked the CC then surged out on the other side. I saw one of the maxes but as he saw me i ran through the door and up the middle stairs towards to top of the base. As I got to the top I was accused of teleporting into the CC and they had both doors covered. Here's the transcript. Oh, forgot, they had a virus installed and couldn't see anything on radar. Why I thought no TR was there. I did take virus off and noticed a few TR there who took care of the VS maxes btw

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