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Re: The most broken things from PlanetSide1

Originally Posted by HtSgtMAD View Post
shit, go fight KoJ,all you get is hacker tells spammed at ya the whole time,it was actually funny making them so mad.
Funny thing is, you're the last person in the entire game who anyone would think is hacking. You bringing 30 MAXS to kill 2 Agile holding a CC. Maybe got you a "you're a nub" tell but I doubt it was a hack tell.

And please, I tell people this time and time again, all the hack tells are coming from 1 guy in my outfit. We've tried to tell him to stop, but he insists on doing it day in and day out. It's like he enjoys hate tells more than actually playing the game. But please don't hold the rest of us responsible for that.

Also, SgtMAD on a side note, I've been lurking on here for a while now and not posting. I just wanted to let you know you come off extremely hostile when people are talking about anything. It's like you are trying as hard as you can to start trouble. Time and time again you jump in with derogatory comments and non stop ranting about how great you and your playstyle is. Ease up. You give new meaning to "U MAD?"

Just have a conversation.

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