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Re: Planetside Cheaters

I don't see it as pointless. PS1 was released on May 2003. I immediately subbed on June 2003 and enjoyed it for a couple of years until the first wave of speed-hacked cheats plagued the game.

When I resubbed in Jan 2011 for 1 month, I unsubbed again within a few days when the barcode hackers was running rampant.

Now, the barcode hackers are no more which means SOE have done something.

Although the current player base is quite small, I think it is quite healthy still, at least compared to my past experiences.

Now that PS2 is around the corner, it is more important than ever to drive home the points to the developers that cheating ruins the game for many players. There are 2 ways they can go about it. Either actively manage cheating or give the player community the means to do it.

Not going to suggest that this will be an easy task but it is necessary one. Steam Valve VAC doesn't work either.

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