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Originally Posted by pscheaters View Post
Heh I've had K/D as high as 50:1 to 100:1 legitimately. But your point is, if people are using cheats in a not very obvious way, then its ok? I disagree.

Having finally checked out and researched what the cheats do, even designers of cheats these days are clever enough to make their cheats non-obvious (15% ROF and no COF bloom?) and resilient to abuse (e.g. teleport timer?).

But the point is, it is detectable if you know what to look for. And coding counters to injection methods of cheating is the perfect intellectual challenge that I've been looking for.
K/D is not a good way to determine if a player is good or bad.

Determining if someone is a cheater is completely different, for example, a not obvious cheat is a 10% increase on rof, and a slightly decreased COF, to just give a little advantage. There really isn't a way to determine if someone might be cheating. Due to the was CSHD works, time no longer becomes a value that can be trusted in determining these cheaters.

That being said, cheats like Radar hacks, no reload, infinite afterburn are easy to notice and record (as I have done before in the past). It's much easier to show this to people, as these have reliable values that can be tested against.

Originally Posted by pscheaters View Post
Heh you see any GM post evidence before banning? Go away. I've got the evidence and I will reveal it when I am happy enough that I've rounded up a good portion of you guys.

Do not pretend to be good legitimate players and think if you can get away with it, then it is ok.

Also, no GM's don't post evidence, which I believe is dumb. I do, when making claims that someone might be cheating, I've done this multiple times already. For example

By "rounding you guys up" I assume (correct me if I'm wrong) you mean members of TRx and other cheaters. We (TRx) don't condone cheaters, at all. That alongside the fact that very few TRx play planetside now, the chances of you recording (and getting an actually decent recording that just isn't some gimmick in CSHD) anyone I haven't recorded already close to none.

You don't have any evidence. Period.

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