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Re: Planetside Cheaters

Am I mad? Yes, of course, it takes a certain degree of madness to want to go so far to take you guys down. I do not get paid for doing this whilst I can get paid a lot more using my time and skills in a different capacity but its the holidays and I got bored.

I was going down the path you were going but there are better ways. Lets say:

Level 1 - unassisted observation through game client (which is what you have done)
Level 2 - assisted observation through game client (using cheats to spot cheats or GM's using GM privileges, however, observation is still based on behavioural evidence)
Level 3 - assisted observation and measurement of datastream (, I am sure SOE have tools to do this server-side already). Yes, latency/lag may contribute to a certain degree of variation in ROF, but if the same person is consistently always falling on the +x% side (over 30 minutes), then there is 99.5% statistical confidence, that the person is using ROF cheat. TRxCommando does not die and respawn often so its easy to track him using same faction (dont need alt, main is TR infil anyway).
Level 4 - only people I am willing to share this is with game developers...

Now I get which soft spot I've hit. To be honest, throughout this entire thread, I was not even thinking or referring to TRx at all but all the players who are using cheats. This very post is in fact the first time throughout this entire thread that I am even mentioning TRx in response to your defense.

TRxCommando is a confirmed cheater. Sorry cant take that back.

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