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Is this the official word on server locations? Iv heard conflicting stories but this sounds like a nice layout.
Yes I believe so.

I cant find anything on PSU and the official site but PSI says:

PlanetSide plans to have quite a few servers. There will be one in Eastern, Central, and the Western US as well as in England and Amsterdam. There is also the possibility of a server being located somewhere in Korea.

Now we know that they have got all the information since like the dawn of time and a lot has changed over time and not been updated, but I think Im right in saying that the server locations are correct.

East, West, Central, UK, Europe, Asia.

Initially there will be the East, West, and UK.

Im guessing they will house them in the same locations as for EQ(save on property costs to house them seperately would be dumb), this being another SOE game. And we know thats where the EQ servers are located...
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