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Another thing about having to buy the game is it cuts down on second accounts giving intel to a main account's outfit or other ways of "cheating" with second accounts. I'd say griefing with second accounts too, but I don't think there's much room for that in PS.
It doesnt cut down on second accounts, you just go out and spend another $49.99 if you want a second account.

Well, its likely to reduce the number as you have to have a reason to have a 2nd account, rather than just creating another one just cos its free (which it wont be as you will always have to stump up the monthly fee regardless to whether you can download the client for free or not)

It happened with EQ (I had 2 accounts, for example), and its gonna happen on PS too, regardless of whether you can buy accounts online or not. You buy the game, you get an account.

And not only second accounts, but second accounts on a free trial are usually bad news too.
Free trial will be happening. You get your first month included when you buy PS. Thats regardless of how many copies youve purchased, its free month per copy, thus per account.
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