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My thoughs on ZOE

I think that the ZOE don't have enough drawbacks compared to other maxes special abilities.

The 20% reduction in armor change their 80% bullet damage reduction to a 60% damage reduction. That's fine, a powerful drawback.

In a normal way a max need 5 times more bullet to drop his health than a normal foot soldier (80% reduction). With ZOE a soldier need 2,5 times more bullets to drop a ZOE max.

The problem comes when this armor reduction doesn't affects rockets direct hits. A ZOE takes the exactly same damage from a rocket on both states, because a MAX doesn't have armor against direct hits.

And this is a not problem because rockets shouldn't one-shot maxes (because with a 20% increase in damage received the stock rocket launcher can overkill a MAX) 1700*1,2= 2040. The problems comes with the dodging ability the ZOE has.

That dodging ability prevents a death from decimators (2000 health per hit= one-shot maxes), while others maxes can't dodge the rocket (or have a lot of problems doing it) the ZOE can.

And this itself isn't a problem. The problem is combination of all of the above. Ironically the ZOE negates it owns drawbacks.

The ZOE actually can increase the survivability of a MAX, dodging make it hard to infantry to shoot them, so less bullets hits the MAX, therefor it nearly negates it drawback.

Also it can dodge rockets more easily, increasing it survivability.

Eventually we understand that the ZOE drawbacks are skill-based. A player can negate them by it owns skills. While other maxes can't. You can't prevent been anchored, you can't prevent not shooting with aegis up, but you can prevent the increased damage received by dodging.

The ZOE then has an increase of killing potential, and survivability. While the other maxes choose between one of the two. The zoe doesn't.

So my conclussion is that increasing their damage received is not actually a good design for the ZOE. It needs a non-controllable drawback.

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