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Re: My thoughs on ZOE

The Zoe's DPS coupled with it's deep clips really make the ZOE strong. What makes the ZOE over the top is it's speed and lack of activation time and it's ability to run it's power indefinitely. With full ZOE, a VS MAX moves at 90% of infantry Sprint speed. You cannot escape it. You cannot get out of it's range and it has enough ammo to plow through many, many targets per clip. When reloading, you can simply run away or instantly turn off ZOE and reactivate when done. It is the single most broken unit in the game.

I'd balance MAX abilities as such:

VS ZOE - take away DPS increase and the damage vulnerability. Makes VS MAXes the most maneuverable. ZOE is full time speed boost.

TR - Get rid of lockdown and go with Overdirve. Increase RoF in a short burst that burns out and cannot be stopped.

NC - Make the shield a bubble and allow NC MAXes to shoot through it. Adjust the shield's absorption to match balance. Not being able to shoot, a pure defense, is stupid. Who cares if you're not taking damage if you're not shooting? When the shield drops, you're still starting at an even fight.

Also, NC MAXes are LOUD when they walk, while VS MAXes tip-toe and can actually sneak up on folks.
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