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Re: My thoughs on ZOE

Originally Posted by Escroteitor View Post
...chasing a fast moving target can make you miss a bunch of bullets...
You can solve that by being TR. Or by being a good NC I suppose, either way.

Originally Posted by EVILPIG View Post

TR - Get rid of lockdown and go with Overdrive. Increase RoF in a short burst that burns out and cannot be stopped.

I'd back the NC "we're going up the stairs over your corpses now, ty" shields if we could swap out lockdown. I was really wrong when I was hoping for lockdown to be awesome as most anything other than a burster. Suppose I also can't say no to making the VS more maneuverable all around seeing as that seems to be their faction bennie anyway. On principle I can't speak against any potential nerf towards the VS (or NC) so I'm up for taking their damage effects away as well.

On the whole though, I have noticed that AV grenades (coupled with grenade bandolier) can usually fuck up a ZOE MAX fairly well. Plus if I can initiate combat and control (or at least affect) where the ZOE runs to I can get it to run dick first into a deci or a well prepared C4.
Of course you have to be quick about it because unless you're LA you can't really outrun a ZOE.

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