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Squad Spawning Orbital Station, launching station, and communication station

The idea is simple: Squad-Spawning Orbital Station(SOS) is something that is launched into the air that gives a faction the ability to "Squad Spawn". Without the SOS on a specific continent, a faction cannot "Squad Spawn" on that continent.

In order to launch a Squad Spawning Orbital Station, a faction must capture a Tech Plant (for example...) because Tech Plants contain the "Launch Pad". They must also capture an Amp Station (for example... could be another base type though) because the Amp Station contains the communications tower that is required to "beam up the player's DNA to the SOS" that is orbiting the planet so the player can be Dropped from the Drop Pod.

Once a faction owns both a Tech Plant and an Amp Station on Amerish(for example), then can now "Squad Spawn" on Amerish. Launching the Squad Spawning Orbital Station would cost XXX in-game-resources and it only lasts for say "200 drop pods" or "12 hours" or some set limit before it dies out. Then the faction can launch another SOS if the previous one dies out. But again, this costs in-game-resources.

Squad Spawning requires your team to own an Amp Station, if you lose the Amp Station, you need to get it back in order to continue squad spawning since the Amp Station communicates with the SOS by beaming the player's DNA up to the Drop Pod. If you Lose the tech plant but still have the amp station, you can still squad spawn until your SOS dies out or runs out of fuel or whatever...

Game play scenarios. Let's say Amerish contains 2 Amp Station and 2 Tech Planets. There is a scenario where the NC own 1 amp and 1 tech while the VS own 1 tech and 1 amp and they are both squad spawning and launching SOS's at will... Maybe another planet has 2 amp stations but only 1 tech plant, this would make for interesting battles over the tech planet to ensure your faction can squad spawn!

The Amp Statoin's SOS tower can be destroyed! Similar to Planetside, where a bases Generator can be destroyed. If the Tower is destroyed then it will need repaired before squad spawning can continue. The tower would be a target for Liberators, thus increasing the need for Air to Air combat load outs for Reavers, Mosquitoes, etc.

This adds a additional strategy for attacking a continent. Let's say an Outfit is running 4 squads in an attack on a new continent. A strategy might be to have 3 squads push on a base while the 4th squad flanks a rear base to take on the enemy's Amp Station Tower to prevent enemy Drop Pods. Preventing enemy drop pods has a clear advantage -> You know the enemy is coming from either the Warp gate or the spawn tubes...

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