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Re: Squad Spawning Orbital Station, launching station, and communication station

Originally Posted by Duskguy View Post
i never played ps1, but from what i've gathered, in PS2 there will be warp gates and uncapturable nodes/ facilities. and again, the continent is the map. and there will be 3 continents at launch each with 2k players.

i dont understand your "attacking a continent" because the continent will be the map. you choose a continent to fight on and thats where you are, there are no intercontinental fights. again there will be 2k players between 3 factions, and i doubt that ~600 players will be unable to hold at least one area on a map where you can ALWAYS spawn due to a warp gate that is uncapturable/indestructable.
No problem, it's not really that important in the concept of the idea i proposed. It Planetside there were like 10 Continents, so beginning an attacking on a new Continent was very common.

Originally Posted by Duskguy View Post
maybe i am indeed misunderstanding something, but i was under the impression from all the interviews and such that there will be many tech stations, bio domes, amp stations or whatever. which bascially means everyone is almost guarenteed a spawn tower thing, which would end up the same as just spawning on the squad leader. and again, how would squads prepare to attack a continent if there is only the current one you are on, and no intercontinental fights?

There MAY be cases where each faction on a continent has the ability to launch and control Squad-Spawning Oribital Stations, but that will not always be the case. Bases will be won and lost 24/7, I guarantee factions will not always have a tech planet and an amp station on every continent.... Shit happens and people get blown up :-)

Originally Posted by Gugabalog View Post
Thereve been many similar threads, this seems to be a popular idea. (Connecting Squad Spawn to space!)
Yes I heard some talk of possibly space related things in PS2's future, this kind of goes along with the concept.

Originally Posted by Duskguy View Post
from my understanding, they made it so that one faction taking over a continent is highly unlikly to ever happen. and the continent is the map....the whole thing.

Here is a screenie I found google imaging "Planetside". See it's totally possible for a faction to dominate!

Originally Posted by Program View Post
I like it. It's kind of like a home court advantage!

Edit: It removes instant gratification from the squad spawn equation, too.
Exactly! Squad Spawning is very powerful and should be something that is literally fought for and secured rather than just free and taken from granted... AKA fight over the Tech Planets for the SOS Launch Pad and fight over the Amp Station for the Communications Tower.

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