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Re: IDEA for resource system rework. Base resource pools, warpgate radiation, and ANT

Maybe to get this rolling it should be kept more simple at first.

Instead of a classic "rts" resource system where each individual unit created / pulled costs a certain amount of resources (which should, no doubt, be the long-term goal though), a more simplified version could suffice for a start.

Resources as a simple requirement to pull units;

A freshly taken base starts with "x"(probably 0 would be good) "resource".
You can add "resource" by ANTs (free of charge) depositing it into silos / terminals / w/e.
Your base needs to have a certain amount of "resource" in order to pull certain vehicles. Basically the same requirements that are in place on an individual basis now, just without reducing the amount when pulling something.
Enemies can reduce your "resource" by hacking / attacking storage silos placed around the base and therefore deny you vehicles / equipment. You can refill them with ANTs.

Let's say your base only has 300 "resource" in its storage. You want to pull a sundy, which costs 400 resource, so you can't pull one from this base. You get an ANT (allways free), harvest some stuff and deposit it into the base.
Now your base has 500 "resource". You pull a sundy and the base still has 500 "resource" and you can keep on pulling sundys as long as the "resource" of this base is above 400.
Now the enemy attacks / hacks your storage, draining your "resource" below 400. Again, you no longer can pull a sundy untill you refilled the silo to +400.

This would be more easy to implement i would say and the system could still be easily expanded to a full fledged rts-style resource system (which, again, should be the goal). Also it can't be exploited by trolls draining enemy bases with alts constantly pulling shit.


- Resources as a simple, static requirement to pull units instead of a full fledged RTS resource system

- ANTs can harvest resources (At certain spots on the map) and deposit them into storage silos in bases, thus enabling certain units

- Enemies can hack / attack storage silos, thus disabling certain units

- ANTs are free of charge
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