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Re: IDEA for resource system rework. Base resource pools, warpgate radiation, and ANT

Originally Posted by Phreec View Post
Stacking facility benefits mean more steamrolling for the dominating faction and less of a chance to fight back as the underdog. Not sure if I like that.
True. I only jotted down those benefits as ideas, to give facility benefits a little more MMPH and a little more meaning and reward for capturing territory. In my OP you no longer get resources from territory, so these benefits could make up for this. Combine that with the RU/sec advantage to a faction closer to their warpgate and in theory that would give the underdog a good chance to fight back.

Originally Posted by Babyfark McGeez View Post
Let's say your base only has 300 "resource" in its storage. You want to pull a sundy, which costs 400 resource, so you can't pull one from this base. You get an ANT (allways free), harvest some stuff and deposit it into the base.

Now your base has 500 "resource". You pull a sundy and the base still has 500 "resource" and you can keep on pulling sundys as long as the "resource" of this base is above 400.

Now the enemy attacks / hacks your storage, draining your "resource" below 400. Again, you no longer can pull a sundy untill you refilled the silo to +400.

This would be more easy to implement i would say and the system could still be easily expanded to a full fledged rts-style resource system (which, again, should be the goal). Also it can't be exploited by trolls draining enemy bases with alts constantly pulling shit.
This is like as I proposed in my OP, but I still think resources are needed in there too. It should help limit extreme vehicle spam from one base and encourage gal drops from the warpgate and spreading out where vehicles are spawned from:

Originally Posted by Jonny View Post
Players are directly limited by how many resources they can spend at a base according to the bases’ power level. This system prevents individuals from taking a base down to dangerously low power levels with large purchases:

IE – if a base has a power level of 50% - a soldier wanting to purchase a vehicle there can use a maximum of 50% of his total resource pool (200RU) meaning he can spend 100RU in total. This means the lower the base power level the harder it is for troops to spawn vehicles. This also prevents drivers/pilots who spawn vehicles from starving the base of resources for player spawns.
You have a point about trolls using alts to drain bases, however you could have a system where newly logged on players need to earn resources through XP giving activities (killing enemies, helping allies) before they can spawn a vehicle. Without having those 3 resources as we have currently, resource gain would have to be sped up to feel on par with how it is now.

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Hypothetically speaking, what sort of other uses can y'all think of for a harvester unit's resource? Fun stuff that would make it worth pulling beyond maintenance? What else might that resource be used for, or how else might the harvester unit use that resource to do cool and fun stuff?
Some of you have poked holes in the meteor/ore veins idea. It’s a suggestion to relieve the possible boredom of ANT’s having to always drive back to the warpgate to refuel. This idea could be taken and reshaped into any form. I like the idea of ANT’s from each faction racing to secure a lucrative ore deposit they all hear about at the same time, and braving the battlefield to get there. Obviously the implementation needs more thought than my suggestion.

The way I see ANT’s being fun is:
  • Refilling a low power base to help your team gather an army and progress, or saving a base/bringing a facility benefit online and helping everyone on the continent you’re in.
  • Risk/reward of driving to contested areas to claim a useful resource.
  • Deploying on the field to refill sunderers (RU pool) spawn capacity.
  • I’ve seen this one suggested and it would need to be done carefully, but being able to steal 10% of an enemy bases RU pool by deploying at their refill area.
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