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Re: IDEA for resource system rework. Base resource pools, warpgate radiation, and ANT

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Hypothetically speaking, what sort of other uses can y'all think of for a harvester unit's resource? Fun stuff that would make it worth pulling beyond maintenance? What else might that resource be used for, or how else might the harvester unit use that resource to do cool and fun stuff?
Well, going back to my own musings on Nanite Pipelines and Communal Base Resource Pools:

Originally Posted by Whiteagle View Post

-Resources are reverted back to their Beta Incarnation, where the three colors all have a use for different consumables and Vehicles.
-Their storage is switched from the Individual Players to communal Base Silos, from which the purchases of every Allied Player within that Territory are deducted.
-The Resources now also serve as NTU, being evenly drawn on to repair damage to that Base's Terminals, Turrets, and Generators slowly over time.
-The Lattice is now represented in world by an Ancient Tech Nanite Pipeline, with the various Bases having been built on the distribution nodes of this Pipeline.
-Each Node is also connected to an "Extractor" located somewhere within the Territory, which in game represents where the Resources actually come from.
-On particular stretches of Pipe there are "Safety Valves" which control the "flow" of Resources, which can be hacked by Infiltrators to mess with or outright destroyed via damage to stop said flow.
-Nanite Transports are Support Vehicles that can either remove or refill Nanites from a Silo, as well as draw extra "Residual Resources" from the Safety Valves or Extractors at the five minute Resource Ticks.

Originally Posted by DviddLeff View Post
Trouble is I like the current system as it has different flavour resources, even if it is currently inconsequential.
Eh, I like its Beta incarnation better, where the three Resources were used for different things in each catagory.
So the Catalysts were for Heavy Combat Vehicles like MBTs and Liberators, while Polymers were for ESFs and Lightnings.

Originally Posted by sylphaen View Post
Want something original ?

Want a better idea for harvesting ? Corpses... Pull a dead body from the front line and bring it back to your closest AMS: get "Salvage" (not "savage") points for it (i.e. resources back) ! And if the corpse is enemy, get extra "glory" points. Of course, the more contested the area is, the more valuable the enemy is, the more glory you get (and the opponent's dogtag too - since we might as well copy BF franchise and improve over it!).
...Corpse-eater attachment for the ANT, that refills its Resource Tanks depending on what was just killed?
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