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Re: IDEA for resource system rework. Base resource pools, warpgate radiation, and ANT

My new edit to the OP based on Malorns resource ideas. Edits in red to compare ideas with my original idea.



Warp gates channel energy through rudimentary pipelines installed by humans between bases. This energy can be turned into nanites to fuel the war effort in Planetside 2. Any faction has the ability to use the resources from their warp gate to power the facilities/bases they own as long as they are connected to their warpgate. These nanites come in packages referred to as Resource Units (RU’s)

Bases drain RU’s as they as resupply troops. However his happens indirectly - nanites from a base are transmitted to any ally troops in the bases territory who have a resource deficit. Different bases have different sized pools of RU’s at their disposal, and the amount of RU’s the base has stored is known as the bases Power Level. Facilities have a whopping 10000 RU capacity. Towers can store 2500 RU’s and small outposts and bases 1000 RU’s.

All bases regenerate RU’s from lattice links to the warpgate. However, due to bases on the pipeline drawing power, the further the base from the home warpgate, the lower the 'pressure' of nanites and the slower it regenerates RU's. Facilities (Amp stations/Bio Labs/Tech plants) will provide powerful continent wide facility benefits to the faction that owns them. These benefits are only online when a facility’s power level is above 60%.

Being their own power source, Warpgates are always at full power.

Infantry carry RU’s on them. They can carry a maximum of 200, and this store is slowly recharged via arrays on the nearest allied base with power to spare. This rate resources are transmitted from the base's array is directly related to the power level of that base.

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