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Originally Posted by Neon Apocalypse
love for cdl, lunarwarrior is a great pilot
Just to let you know im the commander of the Air Division of CDL. Just for the braggin rights due Id say our pilots go in this order of skill.

1. ChaosLord
2. Mr. Ducks
3. Peacemaker \ We are basicly equal although I think im a better
4. LunarWarrior/ dog fighter.
5. Strygun
6. Duffman
7. Kaikou
8. Heavygain

Choosing which of the two, Kai or duff is hard b/c Kai doesnt reaver whore but hes a good mossy strafer. Dont get me wrong here though. If we were all given a number from 100 to 0 we would all be between 98 and 96.

<3 for my ATACS crew. We own the skys.
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