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Post TR - Connery Engie/Heavy Assault/Support

Game Handle: Dyvergys
Play time per week: 10-20hrs(good week)

Specializations: Repairman(Engineer), Tank Operator/Gunner, Support(Heavy Assault) with emphasis on anti-air and anti-armor.

Style of outfit: Organization with emphasis on squad leadership in the field.

Gaming experience:14 years FPS experience(Yes, 14 years)

Why I want to join an outfit: I'm tired of fighting losing battles with slack-jawed, weak-knee'd randoms who will just as soon turn tail and run as stand and fight, when they're not busy throwing themselves at their enemy with reckless(and fruitless) abandon. I want an outfit that will know how an when to use me, and knows how to properly engage the enemy, no matter the situation.

~{Loyalty Until Death}~

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