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Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
I've read somewhere that HA can't headshot since mcg would be nuts with them

The fact is waiting on others does not work 100% of the time, i've sat outside a tower on a noob for 3-4 mins spamming WNR before, then i gave up dropped a nade on myself and respawned, that's not fun.
The reason people used med/eng themselves was because others can't be relied on, when it could be relied on it was much better to use a dedicated med eng, i.e during an outfit gen hold.
1) By no quirk of design, every unit, regardless of certs, spawns with a REK. Not having one means you're choosing to not be able to perform basic hacking. Not every unit spawns with med or engi tools.

2) rexo/ha/med/eng is not the same as rexo/ha/av/ Neither of those are the same as rexo/ha/medkit. Back in the days before super soldiers, people had plenty of room in their packs for medkits. Take out the HA, Med and Engi (rek and grenade or pistol move to small slots) and you too will be able to partially recover after a fight without depending on anyone else.

If you make it impossible to play the game without a group you'll lose subscribers, there's no way you can argue against that point
A decade of other mmos and shooters begs to differ. If pure player numbers were the only evidence necessary, I have only to point to TF2 which currently peaks at 80,000 unique players per day. As PS2 has been discussed as some flavor of F2P (no-sub w/ box I assume) game, I find the analogy quite appropriate.

Purely in shooters besides TF2 we've got Tribes and, for a even bigger impact, the entire Battlefield series. Role inter-dependency is critical in those games.
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And that was that.

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