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Re: My main concern about the class system

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A decade of other mmos and shooters begs to differ. If pure player numbers were the only evidence necessary, I have only to point to TF2 which currently peaks at 80,000 unique players per day. As PS2 has been discussed as some flavor of F2P (no-sub w/ box I assume) game, I find the analogy quite appropriate.
how many players do you get in a TF2 map? because i've run across a CY and lost 80% of my life to stray rounds before.

also i'm not advocating HA REXO Med ENG AV ADV Med ADV Hack CE mossie grunts...... i'm advocating REXO Med and Eng and two guns (in this case HA and AV) which like i've said before is what br20 gave you, it's not a super soldier it's a basic grunt class
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