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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
i'd like to see

grunts with basic med and eng

Medics with faster med adv med med station deployment maybe some stam recovery gun/term with MA

eng with all the current CE and glue gun with MA

pilot with glue guns with MA

infil with hacking boomers and pistols
I get the feeling you're contextualizing PS1 far too heavily (as everyone else was, including myself, before FanFaire).

The benefit to classes over certs means we should be seeing things like "medics", "engineers" and "infiltrators" being far cooler and far more elaborate than the things you're giving them from Planetside. Who knows what sources of healing will be available that we aren't even aware of? Using scenarios of sitting outside a tower spamming VNR is positively pointless until we know more about PS2.
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