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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
Now you're being silly, ofc i'd love to have a medic in the squad, but if the game is unplayable without a medic then there's going to be issues.

on another note what do you think the medic is suppose to do, is he suppose to have the med app out constantly spamming heals on everything? if thats the case i think we'll have the same problem all the trinity mmorpgs have, and thats lack of healers because it's a dull playstyle
Q: If I have heavy assault(example) will I be able to heal myself at all, or am I 100% dependent on a medic / engineer??

Matt: you'll probably have at least some capacity to heal yourself, but this is something we're actively designing and iterating at the moment.
From the Reddit Q&A.

Also, medics with jetpacks.
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