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Re: and PS1 Packet Capture

Originally Posted by Chord View Post
Thanks for putting in the time towards the project! Please make sure you are writing a good description / title when saving capture files. Otherwise, figuring out what was captured will take more time. Also if I'm trying to capture specific features I usually make a dedicated capture for that. It's not required and it's definitely more work, but it could help later on. Hold on to those capture files. I'll eventually make a way to submit them to

Hows the capture tool working for you so far? Any crashes / unhanded exceptions? There was one I was getting really regularly, but I haven't released the fix ( yet

As for meeting up, this week isn't the best, but I could possibly do Sunday. Let me know some times you're available in PM.
I only put in a small session, an hour or so, but the program ran fine.

Now that i know what to focus on I will do those. Questions

Is there any reason to roam continents in a plane?
Is there any reason to roam conts at all?
Are the best things to grab actual interactions in the game?
Should I kill myself? In various ways? Maybe sometimes hilariously?
I'd imagine anytime I do or receive dmg in anyway it's good for the project.
Combat Engineering. Is it worthwhile to simply lay it out? Or does it need to attack or kill something to be useful?


Is there any reason to do something more than twice?

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