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I went with him to try Pliny the Elder and Younger this year in Philly, I wasn't too impressed personally but the 500 beer nerds around me were. Personally I'd be just as happy with a Yuengling, though I was glad I got a chance to try it.
It has been a couple years since i had the younger it is just such a zoo when it comes out, and I personally feel the Elder is just as good. It really is a bit of an acquired taste for some, that over the top citrus taste is what I absolutely love about it. I had been a fan of Racer 5 already when I first tried Pliny, so I had aquired the taste for ultra hoppy already. My first glass of Pliny was maybe the best beer i've ever had. Although I've also heard Pliny described as "Like tea brewed from Pine needles in cat piss." Strange that I can taste what those people were describing but it isn't the flavors I get from it. I think I might have to walk over there for lunch today.

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All in all, I'll try any beer but for every day beer I'm good with whatever someone gives me(free beer = good beer). Yuengling for at home/any day, Pacifico/Yuengling for the beach, and I prefer stouts for the winter(<3 Ironhill Russian Imperials).
Had this conversation not that long ago. I had a few cans of bud light in the back of my fridge for literally about 5 years. When the only alcohol in my house were those beers I still considered myself out of alcohol. They came with someone for a party we had and were left overs. Eventually I had a guy helping me with some work in my front yard and gave them away. So, from my point of view Free does not always mean good.

Originally Posted by Assist View Post
IPA's but over time of trying my bros beers I've 'acquired' the taste for them. Stopped on the way home today to get some more Lagunitas Hop Stoopid and Imperial Red in the fridge
I love Lagunitas. Hop Stoopid is one of my favorites and it is too bad it is less distributed to restaurants around here than many of their others. The others aren't bad Little Sumpin' Sumpin' and their standard IPA but Hop Stoopid is so good. The thing about a lot of these as well is even poured from a bottle to a glass the flavors are just so much different than on draft. As well as was hinted at the extra hops for extra travel it does seem that the flavors are changed from the "source" to a different bar.

Having had so many of these I would say it is pretty categorical that on tap from the source is more flavorful and better than on tap from some location it has been shipped to which is better than from a bottle.
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