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OPs Questions:
What do you like about beer?
Taste mostly. I drink it like soda these days
Don't agree with the drinking age laws?
Not really, I tend to go with the old: "If you can join the military, you should be able to drink"
Where and what was your best beer?
I would say my favorite beer is 6th Glass by Boulevard. Other good ones are Druid City Brewery's Saison, St. Bernardus, Fat tire, Three Philosophers... I could go on and on
Micro-brew or piss-water?
Both have a place. And there are varying degrees of piss water beer, so don't group all of everything not brewed by little elves in small trees, as "Piss Water". Micro-brew beers are going to be the best, and should always be considered the standard by which you rate everything (And what one drinks on a daily basis).
Is it OK to make fruit beer?
ehhhhhh... It depends. It really depends on the beer. I am not wild about fruity beers, but there are a couple I don't mind.
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