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Re: Three long overlooked problems with this game.

Originally Posted by RSphil View Post
simple answer to the spawn beacon problem, destroy them. i see many allies running past them and not noticing them. i saw 5-6 people go but an enemy beacon only a few days ago, i saw it and immediately went and destroyed it. the beacon is the problem its the players most of the time. to stupid to destroy spawn emplacements like beacons or sundys.
Sounds simple enough, but they only have be active for a few seconds for people to drop in. They can also be placed in a lot of really odd places that make them very difficult to get at.

The whole idea that you have this slightly controllable drop pod that falls vertically is the real issue. It bypasses defenses, can be used offensively against AMSs and other entrenched positions, and just generally mucks up the whole fight keeping it one large cluster until one side has a numbers advantage.

Instant action has a similar issue but it's far more random where you'll drop and a simple SOI could eliminate that issue.

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