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Re: Three long overlooked problems with this game.

Beacons not displaying properly, especially in big fights, is a problem - but other than that I'm happy with how they work.

Squads placing beacons in hard-to-reach places and dropping in reinforcements, while other squads try to locate and neutralise those beacons makes for a nice sub-game and helps to keep battles varied and interesting.

That said, I'm not keen on instant action or squad deploy allowing people to drop-pod in - IMO you should always require a beacon (or some other visible/counterable mechanic) in order to enable drop-pods. That way the other factions can always do something to counter/prevent reinforcements dropping in.

As for reinforcement/deployment mechanics in general - they're definitely needed for lone-wolf/casual/small-squad play. I'd have no objection to overhauling them to make them fit better with logistics/meta-game - but unless someone can come up with a clever way of doing that without just outright nerfing them, I think we'll have to stick with the current system for now.

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