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Re: Three long overlooked problems with this game.

Originally Posted by Qwan View Post
Hmm Im not seeing a problem with the spawn beacon that we have currently, from my point of view there are two ways to drop into a base that you are defending or attacking. There is squad deploy (requires no beacon) and puts you close to the squad leader. Then there is the squad beacon that is put down by the squad leader. Each has a cool down and I use often when it comes to keeping the heat up on the attackers or defenders. To better help with this I think they should make the squad deploy drop you outside the bases SOI, but the squad beacon should allow squad members to drop within the SOI close or on the beacon. I mean I dont see an issue with this, I mean defending a base is just that defending a base. Is there a way to completely secure a base no, and all I can say is welcome to PS2 . With the beacon defenders just have to get to it and take it out. With squad deploy its just the last of the rif raf trying to take or resecure a base. I currently think they should keep the current system, but tweek it just a little.
The problem with this line of reasoning is that it makes base defenses useless. You're calling for the defenders to actually leave their battlements and entrenched positions to fight OR be forced to constantly have people dropping behind all of their defenses. That begs the question why we have bases at all.

Right now defending a base is just fatiguing. It's far too active and it's lead to all sorts of problems with the meta game. Each battle right now is too chaotic and lacks the flow which was an essential part of Planetside 1's gameplay which is sorely missing from this game thanks to these kind of mechanics.

The current system doesn't promote territory control as well as it should which lessens the point of why we have a lattice system and eventually continental locking. There needs to be a better front line aspect and having defenders leaving their defense and attackers bypassing defenses is not helping.

Others have suggested a SOI but I still don't know if this is enough given the ability to steer your drop pod with near pinpoint accuracy.
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