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Re: Infantry only areas

So... You want to play PS2 but you don't like getting shot by vehicles when you are zerging in the open ?

Here is a tip: vehicles will go where they can go and shoot where they can shoot.

Corollary: avoid being there as a soldier unless you have a good reason to be there or a good escape plan.

Corollary 2: where vehicles cannot go or shoot is your infantry only areas.

What I am trying to understand from your question is to which extent you are reticent to interaction between playstyles in a combined arms game... If you played PS1, you should know there is always an opportunity to footzerg (even in open ground even though it's riskier) depending on the situation. Making PS2 favor soldiers too much would leave less room for vehicle play, and vice-versa. Making hard rules for separation between air/ground/soldier is not a good idea, imo. It should vary depending on terrain conditions.

In summary, don't worry; I'm quite confident devs are aware of this and will balance accordingly. They got this !
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