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If you only played planetside recently then you have never seen the game the way it was meant to be. I started playing in 2005 before the first expansion Core Combat so I remember it in all of it's different phases and when the servers were well populated.

Originally Posted by The Janitor View Post
I do admit I was involved in base sieges and defenses more often than other scenarios. However, I also recall more than a few bridge fights, desperate counter-attacks, and never-ending streams of tanks from a final base that simply refused to give up. Now with PS2 adding in resources to fight for and not just bases, I think there will be plenty of fights involving massed vehicles.
I agree with this statement. Back when there were pop capped servers with fair distribution between the empires you would see outdoor tank/infantry skirmishes very often. Sure, you were ultimately always fighting over a base but there is more to defending than sitting and waiting for the enemy. In the old game you had to push the enemy all the way from your base to there base to capture it. Sometimes it could take hours for that skirmish between bases to resolve. Outdoor tank skirmishes and all sorts of different battles happened in the old game all the time back in it's glory days. With the new system of territory this kind of battle is going to not only happen but it will be essential.

No worries from me. I know they are designing the maps with areas that are hard for vehicles to access and all sorts of other things, not to mention that indoor fights are now more than just hallways, taking a base will involve lots of Infantry combat.
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