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Flash Mountain

From the guide book, The Unoffical Guide to Disneyland 1999, quotes:

Flash Mountain

Type of Attraction: Water-flume adventure strip show
Scope & Scale: Eye-popper
When to Go: Spring break, weekend nights
Special Comments: A liberating experience
Authors Rating: Author is too near-sighted to rate accurately
Duration Of Presentation: About 2 seconds

Description and Comments: It was reported by the Associated Press that certain female Splash Mountain riders are behaving in a most un-Disney like manner by flinging their blouses open as they plummet down the climactic plunge at the end of the ride (fully visible, we might add, to dozens of guests waiting in line in front of the attraction). Indeed, automatic cameras shooting souvenir photographs of participants have documented an astounding array of feminine anatomy in free-fall. The practice is apparently too spontaneous for Disneyland, which reports that it has no plans at this time to change the theme of the attraction. Plus, ever mindful of guest safety, management has concerns about undue congestion in front of the ride and the possibility of guests catching cold.

Touring Tips: Spectators should stand during spring break or weekend nights on the walkway directly in front of Splash Mountain. Be sure to bring a sign denouncing such as unchaste exhibitionist behavior, or depending on your point of view, a camera with a telescopic lens. If you are a participant, you will have approximately two minutes following the big plunge to get yourself back together before you arrive at the unloading area.

And i'm going to Disneyland again this christmas weekend. sweet!
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