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Re: looking for gaming computer advice

Originally Posted by klu View Post
thanks for all the input guys. i think i have something in mind pretty close to Ailos' build with a couple of minor changes. the only question i have now is if i put surplus money into a 3gb video card would that be wasted money or over kill or might i see significant increase in fps?
What specific card are you looking at with 3GB? In terms of the need for 3GB at 1680x1050 there really isn't any. By the time a card needs that much vram at that res it will not have enough processing power to keep up anyway.

Originally Posted by SternLX View Post
Actually, I live in PV also. I just post Prescott as most people are like "where's PV?"

Actually Goku my Mobo+CPU combo I got for $310, before the 4670K was in the Market. I never buy parts at full price. Newegg Promo codes ftw! Just have to keep my eye's peeled for the deals. But ya. Most definitely, if you find a i5+ASUS Mobo bundle on sale snatch that bad boy up.

As for your "not provide as good performance" comment. I disagree, plenty of Core i5-4670K vs FX-8350 shootouts out there show they run pretty much neck and neck stock clocking for stock clocking. The FX-8350 also has a more efficient Memory Bus controller and can handle faster RAM modules than the 4670. The only place the 4670 always wins is Single Threaded performance. Well guess what, the future is Multi-Threaded, and the future is here.

Not trying to start a Intel vs AMD war here but I do like the correct facts to be given. And honestly you can't go wrong with either CPU for a decent PC Gaming rig build. In the end it comes down to personal Preference and Price between the 2 being discussed here.
I don't see any promos on either the Sabertooth 990FX or the 8350 currently to bring it to that price point you mentioned. Whatever you bought it at has no relevance for the OP currently.

PS2 is a cpu bound game, so single thread performance counts. That is why I said Intel will have a performance advantage over anything AMD currently. I'm in no way saying AMD processor won't be playable, but it will be at a disadvantage. Yes AMD does have similar performance to Intel cpus in many games, but nine out of ten times Intel will have more FPS. Maybe AMD will get a boost from the upcoming console releases, but that remains to be seen.

AMD has been on the losing side of the memory bandwith game ever since Intel started using the on die memory controller. Not sure what you mean by AMD having access to higher clocked ram either. The Intel XMP profiles let people with the right ram reach very high clocks.

The future is not here yet quite obviously for AMD's design with the module. If it was we would all be recommending AMD processors for everything, but we're not. AMD is in the hole even further now (financially and market wise) due to the CMT design they took up. Their bet didn't pay off with their new design in both multithreaded software and not reaching the proper clocks to make up for the low IPC.

There is still a place for AMD of course, but that is when someone is on a limited budget. OP is not. Hopefully we'll see some decent improvements with SR, but I'm not holding my breath after what happened with BD launch. I was quite the AMD fanboy back in the day with my 4200 X2 and 955 BE. I even bought a 990FX mobo waiting for BD at one point, oh the hype train.
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