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Originally Posted by Artimus View Post
I would like a win condition, but if 1 empire were kicked out of the game it could take months to years until the other 2 finish.. It would have to allow the 1 empire another chance hence uncapturable footholds which personally I think is a bad way of aproaching it but hey maybe the beta will prove otherwise.
Well two things would happen to alleviate this problem:

1) Eventually a continent would unlock. It would not take 2 years to unlock a continent taken over. If the dominating empire is trying to take over their final continent, it would be difficult to fight on two fronts and take over both. If they do, then they deserve their "win".

2) As one empire is dominating, the other two empires would want to ally and beat up the winner.

3) Footholds allow for all factions to spawn on the unlocked continent. There is always going to be at least one Continent unlocked, and your empire's foothold would give you a way of pushing out.

It will be difficult for that final continent to be taken over. One empire would have to dominate two other empires and capture all hexes before another continent becomes unlocked. If that empire can do that and secure all the continents, they deserve the win.

The real "balance" would occur based on how long a continent should be locked upon capture. That i cannot judge until beta.

And lastly, there can always be the side game, posted here:

That would bypass the "downtime" during which one empire is dominating. Again, i would rather have a "Domination" type win condition, but even something along those lines is good enough for me to fight for.
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