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Re: (POLL) Win Condition

No No No - If you want to play a game with a win or end to it go back to BF3 or some other lame FPS game. In PS 1 it was possible to win all the conts / planets. In PS2 the TR are going to push you NC and VS kazooes all the way back to your starting point. We will dominiate you. You will be stuck in your safe zones, and will not be able to break out. You will know loss. You will know defeat. You will know that the TR beat you. Not on one map but every map SOE makes for the game. Just like we beat you in PS1.

Because, TR are organized, we are a military machine, we will overcome, adapt, improvise, and drive you rebels and geeks to defeat, rubbing you noses in it. TR for life, houuuugh.
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