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Angry This is rediculous mods

Im geting really annoyed, here I post a resonable detailed thread on mods and how it could be possible depending on clientside data but no one is reading it they just see the word mod and go "oh well that is stupid because people would cheat" If you don't understand and aren't interested don't reply. If you don't read the post and understand the merit in a discussion just don't reply.

And I know companies own the servers and there are no plans to add player hosted servers. But if someone was motivated enoughf and what is stored clientside was substancial enough IN THEORY one could do probably a years worth of work to create something to allow a player to log into a Localhost LAN party of sorts. This would not involve a full planetside 2 world but a small level to play on with maybe a few aircraft and 1 or 2 players. NO HACKS, JUST ALLOT OF WORK AND THEORETICIL IDEAS

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