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Originally posted by Zoolooman
The Tribes games are only similair in passing to the concept of Planetside.

Tribes 1 and Tribes 2 Classic are about high speed player movement and weapons balanced around "cowboying."

Planetside on the other hand seems more Quakish/CSish with an entire new vehicle element.

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Quakish lol? have you ever played the Quake series? the games are designed around the DM element. Unless you find a CTF mod (which basically any game has) than it really has nothing to do with planetside other than being a FPS.

CS is a little more team based but it's still basically you on your own. You can win rounds on your own by killing everyone. In Tribes you don't win by going cowboy. You won't cap the flag most of the time without help from your team. PS is massively team-based, quake and CS are not.
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