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Re: TR Tank Destroyer concept: Controller

Originally Posted by GreyFrog View Post
So from the art the major downside to these tank-busters is that none of the them have a swivel turret? You have to point the whole vehicle at the target? I really like that actually.
That's the idea, yes.

In comparison to a Lightning, they trade profile height and weight for frontal absorption and a bigger AV gun. In the case of the hovering TD, they also trade armour for maneuvrability and speed, as being able to dodge and being harder to lead means you don't need to absorb as much damage (would otherwise be unfair: being able to dodge AND absorb would result in an unfair advantage - in melee and as sniper the Vanu TD would be unrivaled, though at medium range and in tight maneuvring spaces it'd be better to have the strong frontal armour).

You'll note that most solo-unit players don't make appropriate use of a swivel turret unless they're standing still anyway, hence a swivel turret design in my view is better spend on team vehicles than on solo vehicles, where it only adds to worse driving performance by the distracted driver.
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