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Re: TR Tank Destroyer concept: Controller

Sorry for the late replies, been away a long time.

Originally Posted by Carbon Copied View Post
So has Smedley drawn up that contract yet Figment? Taken their time since your AMS concept and to be quite fair you've got alot of work on your plate with bases and vehicle redesign
No contract.

Originally Posted by MrMak View Post
So the TR TD would have the anchor mode whiel the NC tD woudl have a n overcharge mode for the coils in ithe gauss cannon. What about the Vanu TD? Simply giving it the magburner? Maybe a variant of the magburner designed to help strafing?
Well... Tbh, strafing itself is already a huge advantage and active ability that the others lack. I was thinking of limited agility thrusters though.

Originally Posted by TheAadvark View Post
The Tank Destroyer's look great, would love to see them in game.

But given that TD's have less armor than MBT's and they have no secondary weapon on a swivel (or indeed bring it's main gun to bear fast enough) that can deal with the overwhelming amount of Anti-Vehicle infantry weapons, that already make driving an MBT or Lightning an extremely brief occupation for most of us, render these vehicles useless.
Personally I would like to see the following things to be implemented along with it:

- Crew requirement increase for MBTs
- Relative armour increase for tanks through an AV strength reduction on vehicles and weaponry
- Limited engineering juice (require clips for repairs as well)
- Reduction in repair speed
- Handheld AV carriers more rounds
- Weaker mines, but more mines.

See, I'd rather see a little bit more stamina in the field, off-set by an increase in the value of dealing damage (more value to dealing damage through damage lasting longer and being impossible to repair endlessly). I think it's currently the wrong way around.

Similarly, I feel heavy air has too much hitpoints right now and too fast a TTK.
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