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Sniper balance Ideas.

Ok.. snipers have gone INSANE, on woodman at least 50% of my deaths are to snipers from 5 billion miles away head shotting me while sprinting!. Ok thats a slight exageration but seriously about 50% of my deaths are from snipers and I'm getting tired of the increased number of head shots while sprinting. Snipers are just WAY to powerful right now.

Why you may ask? well its simple really, first off the damage they deal is insane, 1 hit kills or over half your hp if they hit you anywhere else leaving you wide open to other snipers.

But the MAIN problem is planetside 2 itself, snipers are normally balanced as they shoot from behind their own lines meaning you can hide in cover but stealth and the open world nature of planetside 2 means they often completely encircle fights so you can literally NEVER stand still until in a building and hunting snipers is suicide, they'll 1 shot you as you run at them or stealth off then kill you from another position meaning the only counter is another sniper, and for my money if the only counter to something is itself its OP. Yes technically air and tanks can kill snipers but even they will struggle to kill them thanks to stealth, at best they'll usually just make them not take quit e as many shots.

How to balance this then?

1. An idea somebody else mentioned, a field that engineers can put down and can be added to sunderers which protects from snipers-, basically how it would work is that any shot fired into the field from a distance of say 100m+ is destroyed thus making it a safe spot from snipers BUT not safe from all firearms.

2. Reduce the damage of non head shots-, head shots I accept should be 1 hit kills as they aren't easy to do if you keep moving even slightly but its stupid how 1 shot will leave you pretty much dead to the point that all you can do is hide and hope theres not another sniper waiting to finish you with the second shot.

3. Make it so you can't use stealth with a sniper rifle- Part of the problem with snipers is stealth lets them setup anywhere they like even if its behind (or in the middle of) the enemy forces, theres constantly been times I've found infiltrators in bushes killing people as they go past thanks to perfect invisibility. Remove it and they would be forced to fight from there own side or be careful, not to mention hunting them would be easier as they wouldn't stay stealthed right up until they shoot and couldn't just stealth off the second they see somebody coming.

Perhaps not all these ideas would be needed at once but something needs to be done, I know people like being able to stay out of all danger while killing people so they can get a good k/d ratio and farm but its encouraging bad playing habits, as soon as the army of snipers comes out on 1 side the other side does the same and then they farm each other for hours.
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