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Re: [Newswire] PlanetSide 2 in the works?

Fantastic news. Already replied to the survey. Oddly enough I couldn't resist writing a big ol' suggestion in the final text box, but I do wonder how much Hayoo would've written

The jist of my suggestion at the end was about making full use of the maps and improving the methods of taking ownership of the land. A big fault with PS1 was that it centralised on the buildings, so everyone would zerg. Over time it killed off tactical play and resulted in ridiculous stalemates and tedious situations of playing around the same base over and over again.

Buildings should be a place for troops. ALL of the land should be involved in capturing a continent. Via combat and resources.

And to be honest, if facility ownership ends up being the method of progress in PS2, I just wont bother with it. I stopped playing PS1 because of it, so I wont come back just because of better graphics and more weapons.
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