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Re: Do you want more common pool or more empire specific stuff?

Empire-specific all the way, budget and manpower permitting.

Even if it's the same common-pool stuff (stats-wise) with different models, particle effects and sounds.

To be honest, though, I think only the VS really need their own variants. It looks weird when the VS use blam-blam guns when the majority of their weaponry is pew-pew based.

NC and TR would probably be fine using poven technology.

I'm thinking Tribes 2-style grav-bikes in place of ATVs.

Assorted grav-vehicles for the utility stuff (transport, Harasser equivalent etc).

A Vanu laser/beam sniper rifle (Bolt-Driver equivalent) that needs to be manually reloaded to replace an overheated cartridge-like heat sink, in order to allow for a second shot. Much like it's done in Mass Effect 2.

Or a Vanu Punisher that is simply another beam assault rifle, only with a grenade launcher. I kind of imagine the Punisher being absent in PS2 and replaced with weapon customization for already existing empire-specific assault rifles.

I can't really see how to make the Thumper and Rocklet more Vanu-like, though. Just make them look more sleek, without the big revolver mag, only with a big capacitor that allows them to fire orbs or bolts of energy, respectively?

Not sure about aircraft, though...

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